Welcome to HauntedDolly's website!

I ask you to ignore what now exists, and to imagine what could be, in time. Imagine a website. It exists now, at this very time. It does not, however, exist in the form I ask you to imagine it in. Imagine a website that could make you feel every emotion to the utmost. A website that attacks your balls. A website that is more fulfilling than childbirth. A website that will finally explain why every indignity you've ever suffered had to happen.

What is the most profound HTML file you've ever viewed? What CSS style sheet aesthetically defined your youth? What is the best thing? Imagine a website composed of elements exceeding even these.

It will be filled with uplifting and destructive knowledge of all thing under the sun, and all things dreamable under the moon. You'll want your kids to play in the verdant parks of this website. You'll want to make love to the other parent of your children in the throbbing shadows under the wrenching monuments of this website! It will be a website you'd want to grow old in.

But for now you’ll just have to settle for haunteddolly.neocities.org.

About Me
I’m Dolly, and I like gross little dollies and stinky little bands.